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Hand Appliqued and Hand Quilted Doxie Quilt July 21, 2013

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I made this as a gift for a lovely woman I met over the phone.  Her name is Janet and she lives in Arkansas.  She rescues dogs from seven kill shelters in her area and tries to get them adopted.

I have been looking to adopt a dachshund for about a year now.  I saw a beautiful female doxie named Beatrice and fell in love with her sweet face.  The information stated she was in Staten Island, New York.  I live about 45 minutes away and immediately placed a call.  I didn’t pay attention to the area code so when Janet picked up and said she was in Arkansas I was very confused.

Janet told me that it was very difficult placing rescue dogs in her area so she advertises in my area because she has had so much success placing her babies here.

I was thrilled to hear that Beatrice was still available and submitted my adoption application immediately.  I have spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Janet and feel that I made a new friend.

Beatrice is coming home to me this coming Saturday.  I will be picking her up in New Jersey via  a company that takes these precious dogs to the New York area to be united with their forever parents.

My heart is so full of happiness and gratitude so I decided I had to give my new friend a gift made with love.  This small quilt is hand appliqued and hand quilted.  Every stitch was made with love for this wonderful woman who does an amazing job to save dogs that would otherwise be euthanized.

My message to all is this….do not shop for a pet…ADOPT!!! All of my pets are rescues and they know that they were saved.  If you want a particular breed, go to that breed’s rescue site.  If you must buy, go to a reputable breeder. NEVER shop at a pet store.  The puppies you see there were most likely gotten from puppy mills.  If you need to learn what a puppy mill is, go on line and your heart will break at the treatment these breeding dogs receive.

If you cannot adopt, but would like to donate, visit http://www.dogtiredranch.com.  or any of the other wonderful organizations out there that take in the poor babies that receive no health care, love or freedom from tiny and cramped cages.  Two of my dogs were from puppy mills.  My poodle, Yvette, came to me when she was three.  she is now 11 and the sweetest dog.  Little Picasso was from a puppy mill.  I adopted him in January when he was 6.  It is going to be a long road for him to become less fearful of humans, the outdoors, grass.  You see, he had no human contact and was never let out of a cage for 6 years.

Wish me luck as I wait for my new bundle of joy.  I will post pictures of Beatrice as soon as I can!


Painting a Staircase February 2, 2013

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I had my staircase painted this week.  I usually do my own painting, but I realized painting on a ladder on stairs was a bit too scary for me!!!  The picture of the woman is my Nana on her wedding day!  Wasn’t she something?



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Sweet gift for a baby’s room. December 28, 2012

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I needed a gift for a new baby girl.  The problem was that it needed to be taken back to England easily.  Something that would fit in a carry-on.  I had this little sign.  I went to the Graphics Fairy, and even though i only have a black and white printer, I used colored pencils to lightly add some color.  I personally like it better this way as it looks older.

I painted the sign and antiqued it.  Then I modpodged the print into place.  Too add a bit of sparkle, I added some rhinestones.  I think it looks adorable!


Merry Christmas to All! December 24, 2012

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Just taking a moment to write this during a very busy day.  Hope all of you have a wonderful holiday.  Share this time with friends and family and celebrate all that you love!

My daughter and her boyfriend, Pete, came in from London.  They took me out to a wonderful dinner last night.  It was the first time we met and I was so happy to finally get to meet the man who has made my daughter so happy.  He is an absolutely lovely man, and very handsome, and it was such a great joy to see my daughter so happy and in love!

May this be one of many, many holidays they share together and with the family!