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Autumn Decorated Sideboard October 13, 2013

Filed under: About Me,around the house — lespetitesbouchees @ 2:03 pm


Just when I thought all I had to deal with was back issues, I was diagnosed this week with Pleurisy.  This is an infection of the lining of the lungs.  I was very lucky to have caught it before it developed into pneumonia or worse.  As fatigued as I am I managed to decorate by sideboard for Autumn….my favorite season.

I was hoping to do more but I must wait until I am feeling better.  Rest and antibiotics are what the doctor ordered.  While I find it very hard to rest most of the time this illness is leaving me very weak yet I am unable to sleep well because of the pain in my ribs.  Lucky me….now I have that pain to go along with the pain in my back!!!!  It is always something!!!!!!

Hopefully I will be feeling better soon since I have so much more I would like to do.


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