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Autumn Decorated Sideboard October 13, 2013

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Just when I thought all I had to deal with was back issues, I was diagnosed this week with Pleurisy.  This is an infection of the lining of the lungs.  I was very lucky to have caught it before it developed into pneumonia or worse.  As fatigued as I am I managed to decorate by sideboard for Autumn….my favorite season.

I was hoping to do more but I must wait until I am feeling better.  Rest and antibiotics are what the doctor ordered.  While I find it very hard to rest most of the time this illness is leaving me very weak yet I am unable to sleep well because of the pain in my ribs.  Lucky me….now I have that pain to go along with the pain in my back!!!!  It is always something!!!!!!

Hopefully I will be feeling better soon since I have so much more I would like to do.


Roman Shades From $3 Mini Blinds October 8, 2013

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These beauties were made so simply by using fabric, fabric glue and an inexpensive mini blind form Home Depot.  I combined several directions to create these NO SEW roman shades.  I made two for my windows on my stairway.    The hardest part was waiting for the glue to dry!  I am planning to make more for my kitchen and promise to take photos every step of the way and give my easy directions.  Designer look for pennies!!!!!!


Fall Decorating October 7, 2013

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Yesterday I went to Michael’s armed to the teeth with discounts and coupons!!!!!  I spent a little over $37 and saved just over $40!!!!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Just LOVE a bargain!

Anyhow, I saw these little decorated hay bales for $39.99 and said to myself “hey! I can do that!”  So what you see on my porch probably cost me less than half that amount.  I also bout candles and several skeins of yarn.

P.S. …..mine came out way nicer than the one in the store!!!!!!!