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Close Up of Dawn’s Baby Quilt June 30, 2013

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imageHere is a close up of four blocks of the quilt I am making for my coworker, Dawn.  I was struggling to pick the right fabric for a quilt for her baby boy.

I originally had picked out traditional blues, but somehow these fabrics didn’t “speak” to me.  When I saw this adorable fabric with the tools I just knew that this was a winner!

I love to pick a variety of patterns for my quilts.  Since my focus fabric was a busy pattern I chose a simple stripe in medium tones.  It is hard to see, but the white fabric has little white stars on it.  I think that these fabrics compliment each other very well.

I am using the tool print fabric for the back of the quilt and a light blue border will complete it.

I like the simple pattern to allow the fabric to make a bold statement.  Each fabric is allowed to shine, whereas a more complicated pattern would not allow your eyes to appreciate the prints I selected.

I will use a very basic quilting stitch so as not to take away from the prints on the fabric…mostly stitch in the ditch should do very nicely.

I am sooo happy I did not choose the expected “boy colors” for this quilt.  I went into the store with one idea and happily left with something unexpected!!!!


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