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Surviving Sandy November 2, 2012

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It was a very long week, but my power finally came back today.  Damage to my home was minimal, thank goodness, considering the devastation I now see on the television.  Just my fencing, storm door and chimney cap.  Lost the entire contents of my fridge and freezer so this weekend I will be stocking up again and posting recipes for some delish meals to cook and freeze for cold winter nights.  After 4 nights without heat and power I am enjoying the warmth of my home instead of sitting in my car on the driveway warming up and charging my phone.  I now know I will never become Amish!

My craft room is on the back burner for now since I probably will be shopping for food and searching for gas for my car.  There were no gas stations open within 21 miles of my house today.  I must have used up almost 1/2 tank of gas searching and now I have to be careful to have enough gas to sit on a line if I can find a station selling gas. Although NYC schools were closed, teachers had to report.  Between my house and work, not one gas station had any gas.  If the gas tankers don’t deliver soon, the teachers in my school who must drive to work won’t be able to report to work on Monday.  That includes me.

I am praying for all who lost loved ones, homes and property.  Be safe and know that so many of us have you in our hearts and prayers.


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