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Fanciful Feline Quilt November 24, 2012

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Hand appliqued and machine pieced quilt ready to be hand quilted!!!!!!! Can this be done by Christmas??????  I hope so as it will be a gift!  Not the greatest picture but by the time it is complete I will have my new Iphone!!!!!!!!  countdown has begun to upgrade my phone on December 14th!!!!!!  yippee!!!!!!!!!  It’s all about the camera!!!!!!


The quilting has begun!!!!!!

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Second hand-quilted square done!!!!!

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Second complete hand quilted square…..seven more to do before Christmas!!!!!!


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

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Almost as soon as Thanksgiving ended, the Christmas prep began at my house.  This year I will be adding to and updating my decorations.  Since I tend to stay away from the stores this weekend, I will be making my purchases during the week.

The tree is up and I am slowly putting out the decorations that survived my flood last year due to Irene.  I am realizing that I lost more than I thought so it will be slow going this year.

Trying to get in the holiday spirit has been a bit difficult for me this year.  Sandy affected so many on the east coast that my thoughts keep going back to all those who were left homeless.

I am hopeful that this too shall pass and by next weekend things will look brighter.


Tree is Up!!!!!

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The tree is up!! I still want to purchase some more ornaments and need to wrap some more gifts.  So far the dogs and cats have been leaving everything alone….we will see how long that lasts!!!! I LOVE (not) hearing the sounds of crashing and rolling ornaments in the middle of the night!!!!! LOL


Let the Decorating Begin!!!!

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Slowly starting the transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas…


Getting Back to Normal November 18, 2012

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After my last post the New York area was struck by a nor’easter that Wednesday. The power went out again that evening and finally came back on Sunday morning.  During that time, squirrels had taken refuge in my eaves where the siding had been blown off!!! That was taken care of quickly!!!!  I also fell UP the stairs in the dark receiving a severe bone contusion to my right hand.  After wearing a brace I am now able to type and begin crocheting some Christmas gifts for the family.

I will be posting pictures of the finished projects and the directions sometime this week.  So happy to have light, heat and a working hand!