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Sandy October 29, 2012

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Sorry I have been MIA for a while.  was going to be posting about the “new” craft room I am creating out of a spare bedroom.  Unfortunately I have been sidetracked by the “frankenstorm” Sandy.  For the past few days instead of clearing out my room, I have been getting ready stocking up on necessities in the event we lose power here on Long Island.

My “new” cabinets are ready to install, but now is not the time to do it.  I have boxed as much as I can, AND have actually thrown out a lot of things I haven’t used in quite some time.  I have run out of room to store everything upstairs as my basement was under water last summer with hurricane Irene.  I don’t want to throw out any trash with all this wind and I have learned my lesson well with my basement.  Since the water comes up from under the foundation, there is not much I can do to keep it dry under these circumstances!

Hopefully, my house will weather this storm and I will be posting pictures very soon.  To everyone out there in the path of Sandy….stay safe and dry!!!!!!!


Framed Leaf Inspired by Bliss at Home October 14, 2012

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I was inspired by another blog, Bliss at Home, to create this Autumn wall art.  I had this frame that I had purchased from Homegoods.  Going through my stash of paper, I found the perfect theme and color to use for this project.  I mounted a fabric leaf in the center and VOILA!!!!!!!! Beautiful, simple, elegant!  Thank you, Bliss at Home!!!!!!


My Fall Table

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Here is my fall table.  It is almost complete.  I am just looking for the perfect candlesticks.


Fall Dressed Place Setting

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HomeGoods and Michael’s helped me dress my Fall table.  Chargers and mums from Michael’s.  Plates and napkins from HomeGoods.  I wrapped the napkins with burlap strips and clipped on these glittery mums to add some sparkle to the table.


Fall Touches

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Raffia wrapped canning jar filled with wine corks add a nice touch!


How to dress up curtains for Fall

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Wrap your curtain with some raffia.  Then hot glue a felt leaf over the knot! So easy!


Cat Stanley October 8, 2012

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This past Saturday, the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, a kill shelter, had an adoption drive.  They waived ALL adoption fees, included free spaying/neutering, innoculations, microchipping and health insurance for 30 days.

Since the passing of my cat, Sophia, Ihave been contemplating adopting another cat.  Although I have three dogs and two cats, the cats I have are not particularly friendly.  I was hoping to find another kitty who liked to snuggle.

While my friends think I am a bit crazy, there were some definite signs that Stanley and I should be together.  First, this adoption event made it particularly enticing.  Second, my late father(named Stanley) loved cats and his birthday was the day before this event.  Next, I had been dreaming a lot about cats this past week, like every night a lot!

Well I got to the shelter and stood on line with about one hundred people waiting for free inoculations for their pets and I happened to start talking to the gentleman behind me.  It just so happened that his wife was my children’s science teacher in High School.  Small world!!!!!!

I was finally allowed to see the cats up for adoption.  While I do love kittens, I know they are always the first to be adopted so I prefer to adopt older pets.  As I was checking out some beautiful cats, I felt a tug on my pants!  This tiger cat was swatting my leg!  I always feel that cats choose you.

I looked at his sweet face and I knew he was The One!!!!! To cement the deal, I read his paperwork.  He was surrendered by his owners on October 1st.  My birthday was October 2nd.  My father’s birthday was October 5th and here it was October 6th! O.K……so maybe I am stretching the connection, but I knew he was waiting especially for me!

So here I am on day three with Stanley.  He has been a little shy and has taken to hiding out in the basement.  He will have to adjust to the other pets in the house, and as I have done this before, it could take a little time.  He did venture out this morning while the dogs were in the yard!

Stanley is seven years old, but I know we will spend many loving years together.  I will keep you all posted on how Cat Stanley is doing!  And if you are reading this, I hope you decide to adopt rather than shop and to please look at the wonderful, older animals waiting for a forever home!