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Lazy Sunday September 30, 2012

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It is a beautiful Autumn day here in New York.  Feel like being very lazy today.  On the stove a big pot of chili is cooking….dinner for the week with leftovers to freeze for those days I don’t want to cook.  My chili usually involve “dumping” anything I have in the fridge and pantry.  Meat, yes, but mostly beans and veggies.  I had some peppers and corn that I had frozen about a month ago that went into the pot as well as some cubed eggplant.  The house smells AMAZING!!!
I went back to Michael’s yesterday to take advantage of my $5 customer appreciation coupon.  I picked up some yarn to make a hat for a friend’s nephew(I will post pics and directions for this adorable cupcake hat!) and some needlepoint canvas and thread for some pillows I have been dying to make (I will post pics of these as well).  I do love needle crafts!!!!!

Hoping everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!!!! I am gearing up for what is to be a very busy week.  As it is my birthday on Tuesday, I have dinner plans for mostly every evening this week.  On Saturday I will be doing face painting for a friend at his daughter’s Christening party…..I am tired already!!!!!!!


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