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First Full Week of School in New York City September 14, 2012

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We just completed our first full week of school in New York City.  As the art teacher for 500 elementary school children, it was a hard week but a very productive one!  I love teaching the students art based on the work of famous artists.  Not only do they learn about the artist, but they feel connected to him/her as well.

The kindergarten and first grade children were introduced to portraits this week.  They learned what a portrait was and enjoyed creating their own self-portraits.

The second and third graders were introduced to the artist Salvador Dali.  They loved his “unique” style of painting and are currently working on a “Dali-inspired” autumn tree!

The fourth and fifth graders looked at the art work of Laurel Burch.  They loved her colors and patterns and have begun creating cats or owls based on her style.

I will be posting photos of the finished work as we continue through the year.  It is a wonderful thing to watch the children grow as artists as they continue their education in our school.  I am now teaching some children of former students of mine! (YIKES I am getting old!)

As I have a four-day weekend I am hoping to work on some of my own projects that I have been neglecting due to the start of school.  The fact that I get up at 5:30 in the morning during the week doesn’t help either!!!!


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