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Canvas Dropcloths From Lowe’s August 16, 2012

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As  have been telling you all, I have been working very hard this summer lightening up my decor.  Today I decided to make a quick run to Lowe’s for some faux white wood blinds and some drop cloths to make curtains for the dining room.

I left my house on Long Island with the sun shining brightly, not a care in the world.  That should have been my first clue!  Half way there, the sky turned dark and the clouds opened up pouring rain that I was sure was last seen by Noah!  O.K….not wanting to turn around and figuring this had to let up soon, I continued on my journey.

By the time I pulled into Lowe’s parking lot, I could not see through my windshield.  I parked, car being pummeled by rain and shaking through the massive streaks of lightening and crashing thunder.

So I sat….and I sat…….and I sat some more waiting for the rain to stop.  I made a few phone calls, checked my email…..still pouring…….Finally I could not take it anymore.  I decided it was now or never!

I grabbed my umbrella (a lot of good that did me!) and waded through ankle deep rushing water in my flip flops while getting drenched because the wind was blowing my umbrella everywhere but over my head!

When I walked into Lowe’s, people actually stopped and stared at me, but I was undeterred!!!!! I was going to complete this mission if it killed me!!!!! So what if my hair was plastered to my head and I needed windshield wipers for my glasses.  I marched right over and got my blinds and drop cloths!!!!!!

Driving home was also loads of fun!  While dodging massive floods and cars moving like a total free-for-all, I began to get a little concerned for my safety.  I just had a car accident last Tuesday and was trying to figure out how I would explain another one to my insurance company without them dropping me.

Veering around broken branches,  limbs from trees and crazy drivers,  I finally made it home.  Needless to say I will be working on the curtains tomorrow.  I dried off, poured myself a nice glass(bottle) of wine and relaxed the rest of the day!!!!!

To quote Katie Scarlett O’Hara….”after all, tomorrow is another day!”


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