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What is All the Fuss About Dropcloths???????? August 9, 2012

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This was my question.  Every blog I read has mentioned working with dropcloths!!!!!  I could not imagine what the big deal was!  Well lucky me had a brand new dropcloth from Home Depot still in its package just lying around from the last time I painted my house.

My new question was “what am I going to do with this?”  I didn’t want to start off with anything too big or daunting.  I have been seeing some very pretty pillows at Home Goods lately and knew immediately what I was going to make!  Tearing through my fabric stash I found some very pretty toile.  I absolutely LOVE TOILE!!!!!!!! I think that is an incredibly versatile fabric that can be used for many different decors.

So I decided on the fabric but I was really feeling kind of lazy and tired.  I didn’t sleep much the night before as I was in a car accident that day and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  I am OK but my new car…..not so much!  Anyhow, back to the pillow.  I cut the dropcloth fabric to the size that I wanted.  Then I found the part of the toile I wanted to use and cut out a square.

Since I was being very lazy i decided that I would just cover the raw edges with some black ribbon.  I also loved how it gave a nice contrast and added a “frame” to the toile.  I used a glue stick and very lightly applied some to the dropcloth material.  I “eyeballed” the center and positioned the toile.  I placed the ribbon along the edges of the toile and at each corner, made a 90 degree turn.  After pinning the ribbon in place I sewed around the perimeter twice….once on the inside edge of the ribbon closest to the toile and then along the outside edge.

To gussy it up a bit I found some paisley fabric and made ruffled edges.  I love the way it turned out!!!!! Now it just needs some stuffing and I am done!

I absolutely loved working with the dropcloth material and am already planning some more projects!!!!!


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