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New Baby….New Baby quilt! August 29, 2012

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First I want to apologize for the light in the picture……counting down the days till I can upgrade my camera!!!!!  One of my colleagues had a baby boy last month so a baby quilt was in order!!!!  We are both teachers and I needed to have it ready for our start to the new school year.  I love making baby quilts in very bright colors with interesting patterns to stimulate the baby.  I also like to use sophisticated colors as opposed to “typical” baby colors whether it be for a boy or a girl.

My quilts are machine pieced and hand quilted.  I love giving gifts that I have made because they are truly a labor of love!


Pinned and Ready for Hand Quilting

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All the layers of the quilt have been pinned and it is now ready for handquilting.  This is my favorite part of the process!!!! While I could very easily machine quilt my quilts, I find handquilting is almost like meditation for me!  Very relaxing and zen!


Finished Baby Quilt

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Here is the completed baby quilt, perfect for a little boy!  The bright colors will be very visually stimulating as will the pattern!


The End is Near…..A New Beginning is Upon Us

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As my summer vacation comes to an end I am reflecting on what a productive summer I had.  Did I get to do everything that I was planning….no.  But I did do many things that I wasn’t planning that I was very pleased with.

I have been trying to tie up all loose ends before I go back the work on Tuesday with a jumble of feelings inside me.  While I do love my job, the summer affords me time to sleep past 5:30 on weekdays.  That is always the hardest part!  Getting up in the dark to start the day is very difficult.

I do look forward to a new school year filled with new projects to teach my kids.  I also look forward to the cooler weather that comes with my favorite season!  I am an October baby although this year’s birthday is going to be a rough one!!!!!

While most people associate January 1st as the beginning of a new year, I have always considered September as the beginning of my new year.  I loved school as a child and always looked forward to getting my first day of school outfit and all the new school supplies……new beginning to a new year for me.  As an adult I still feel the same(minus the new outfit and haircut!!!!)

So as I enjoy my last days of sleeping in and letting the day unfold as it will, I wish all of you a Happy New Year filled with wonderful projects and many successes!


Dogs and Glass DO NOT MIX!!!!! August 24, 2012

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An update to my post on mercury glass vases for the bridal shower……Right after I snapped the picture of the completed vases we had a slight accident!!!!!  While chasing my 20 pound cat, Lucius, my dogs knocked over and broke some of the vases!  Luckily no one was hurt, so now I am off to A.C. Moore again to pick up more vases!!!!!!!

The question now is “will I get out of that store with just those vases?”  LOL!!!!!


Ready to Be Painted!

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Some pretty vases that I purchased at A.C. Moore for less than $2 a piece.


Finished Painting

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The painting part is finished!  Now for some bows!