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Finished Lampshade July 29, 2012

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After looking at the lampshade for a couple of hours I decided it needed a little something…..Another lightbulb moment!!!!! Burlap and twine!!!!!!!! I have been on a burlap kick lately, after all!

I cut enough burlap to go around the perimeter of the bottom of the shade.  I fringed the ends for a more rustic look.  Then using my handy dandy hot glue gun I glued it along the bottom edge.  To give it a more finished look I chose twine over ribbon to keep that rustic style going.  You could use ribbon if you like to tie in with a specific color scheme.  The twine covered any raw edges.

To add some balance I hot glued some twine along the top of the lampshade as well.  Just apply the glue in a thin bead a few inches long and place your twine(or ribbon) as you go.  I applied three rows.

I really LOVE how the shade looks!  Now I am wondering about the lamp itself….keep it brass or paint it out……………decisions, decisions!!!! I will just have to live  with it for a few days before I make any decisions!


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