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Cheap and Easy Bathroom Redo July 19, 2012

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I wish I had taken some before shots of my bathroom but I am sure you have all seen a bathroom like mine used to be….ugly pink and black wall tiles, uglier little pink floor tiles, broken down sink and vanity…..you get the picture!

Well the budget wasn’t there for a complete reno but I just had to do something, and quick!  I decided to stroll through Home Depot hoping for some inspiration and I got it!  White beadboard!!!!!!  While every man i know wanted to rip down the wall tiles, I decided against it.  My feeling was that since my house is 90 years old I would find something I didn’t need to know about!  You know the saying…”what you don’t know can’t hurt you”

I made the decision to just go over the tile which was in excellent shape.  I used a product called Locktite and stuck the beadboard (after it had been cut to size) right over the tile.  That stuff is amazing!!!!! An earthquake couldn’t shake that beadboard off!!!!  I then added some molding at the top.  It was like magic!  You would NEVER know that there had ever been tile on the walls.

The next step was removing the sink and vanity.  I decided to purchase a pedestal sink which gave my tiny bathroom a bit more room.  I have a linen closet right outside the bathroom so storage wasn’t an issue.

The floor tiles were in excellent shape (just hideous) so I chose these floor tiles from Home Depot.  They come on a sheet so laying them down right over the existing floor was a snap!

The toilet and tub were fine so I left them.  This whole redo cost under $300!!!!!!!  Not too bad since a whole reno would cost at least ten times that amount!

I hope you like it!  I love how it has the feel of the Old World charm that is in keeping with the age of my house!


One Response to “Cheap and Easy Bathroom Redo”

  1. It looks great. I have forgotten to take before pictures too or i didn’t have any from a few years back because at the time I didn’t know I would be doing a blog.

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