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FREE STUFF!!!!!!! July 30, 2012

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I have to love my friend Kenny!!!!! Anytime he finds some old furniture or lamps he drops them off in my garage.  They become mine to do with as I wish!!!!  I have a two-car garage that is filled with all kinds of goodies!!!!!  Most of the things are too heavy for me to get out by myself, but while I was perusing the furniture “graveyard” I found a mirror, coffee table and brass chandelier that I was able to lift myself.

I will study them for a couple of days and let them “speak” to me.  I will update you on my progress!!!!



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Here are the coffee table, mirror and chandelier sitting in my living room.  Sorry about the mop!!!! Just finished cleaning!!!!



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This is a pretty large mirror.  I would say that it is about four feet tall.  It is in excellent condition and I am sure I can do something interesting with it.  Where to put it will be another thing entirely!


Brass Chandelier

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I have been wanting to change out the chandelier in my dining room for some time.  With a little work, this could do the trick!


Coffee Table

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Except for the top, this coffee table is in good shape!  A little chalk paint should make it a treasure!!!!!!



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I had some minor surgery this week and was forced to take it easy…no small task for me!!!!! No lifting or moving around too much made me CRAAAAAAAZZZZYYYY!!!!!!!!! What to do, what to do? I mean how much Olympics can one watch!

I was flipping through some interior design books and was feeling a bit frustrated.  I had some furniture pieces SCREAMING for a makeover but that would require too much physically for me to do.  Then I remembered something!!!!!  I had an old brass lamp in my basement along with a hideous shade.  I could definitely do something with that!!!!!

With the lamp and shade staring at me in the face I pondered……EUREKA!!!!!!!!!

I decided to tackle the lampshade.  It was lightweight and didn’t require much physical effort.  I LOVE decoupage.  I find it a very forgiving medium.  If you don’t like something, just layer over it!!!! Easy peasy!!!!

Now that the lampshade is done, I am wondering if I should leave the lamp alone or to paint it…….will keep you posted….




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This is the UGLY lampshade I had in my basement.  It was totally lacking in personality and did not fit the look I am going for.  It is a very sturdy shade so I knew that it would hold up well to the decoupage.