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My Love Affair With Spray Paint June 13, 2012

Filed under: THINGS I LIKE — lespetitesbouchees @ 9:03 pm

Spray paint is my new BFF!  Next to decoupage, which I will blog about at another time, I have become an addict!  This marvelous stuff can absolutely transform ANYTHING from trash to treasure.

With the plethora of colors and types of paints available on the market today and their availability, all it takes is a couple of dollars and a bit of time and the possibilities are endless.  Something old can be new again.  A chair destined for the trash can become a fresh new piece to add to your decor.

The best part of any paint is it does not have to be permanent.  If something doesn’t turn out the way you like…just paint it again!  You can change colors as your decor, mood or tastes change.  I tend to become bored fairly frequently so paint of all kinds has become a staple in my home.  This summer I am planning to try milk paint as well as chalk paint for the first time.  I am off all summer so  I will keep you all updated as I go.

Have fun and color your world!!!!!


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