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The Beauty of Perennials May 29, 2012

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I have owned my house for five years.  It was always my dream to own my own home and with much struggling and saving I realized my dream.  I feel very lucky and blessed because not many people realize their dreams.

For the first few years of home ownership I would run to the nursery and Home Depot to buy the prettiest annuals I could.  I fell madly and deeply in love with their seductive colors. The best part was that I did not have to make a commitment to any one type of flower.  I could change my mind each year and ha ve a whole “new” garden! On Mother’s Day I would be outside with my little tools and plant my way into a flower frenzy!!!! Impatiens, begonias, daisies….the list was endless.  And I LOVED IT!!!!!!

Last summer something unexpected happened.  I wasn’t looking forward to doing all that planting and spending all that money year after year.  I made a decision that I would have to go the way of perennials.  Plant once and enjoy year after year.  It would be a one time investment and I could reap the glorious rewards from each spring through fall.  And of course I could add a few annuals here and there!

Here are some photos of the Peruvian Daffodils I planted.  I am not a big fan of regular daffodils, but these were so unusual looking that I had to give a try, and I am sooo happy I did! BTW…I bought these bulbs in Home Depot for under $5!!!!!



One Response to “The Beauty of Perennials”

  1. Libby Keane Says:

    Perennials are the workhorse of the garden. But, with some strategic planting of annuals, you can still have a different garden each year.

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