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A Work in Progress May 14, 2012

Filed under: GARDENING — lespetitesbouchees @ 8:44 pm

I have only spent five summers in my 90 year old house on Long Island.  For the past few years i have been using this section of my backyard for a vegetable garden.  This year I have decided to make a change.  Due to the fact that I live alone and the past few summers have been very hot and dry here, I felt that I would be better off planting vegetables in pots on my deck.  My friends were also getting sick of me begging them to take extra tomatoes and zucchini!

I made the decision to turn this area into a flower garden complete with a stone pathway and a water feature.  With my lifestyle now, I think this would be a change for the better.  Because we have had SO much rain the past few weeks, I am a little behind schedule, but I am hopeful it will be completed in a few weeks!!!!!  I will continue to post pictures as the progress continues.  This picture shows it at the very beginning.  Can’t wait for the finished garden!!!!!!


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