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PAINT ON THE BRAIN April 30, 2012

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Since I found that sad little chest yesterday, all I have been doing is obsessing about painting furniture!  I love to paint almost anything! I love it so much that my friends and family say that if they stand still for too long, I will paint them!

Anyhow, I have this hutch in my dining room that has been bothering me for some time.  I put decorative paper in the back and that made me happy…. for a little while.  Now when I look at it I feel that old familiar itch!

While going through magazines and searching the internet, chalkpaint caught my eye.  It seems quite easy and foolproof…plus NO PRIMING!!!!!!! YIPPEEEEEEE!  Sounds like this stuff is right up my alley!!!

Now the big decision will be color.  I like black, but it doesn’t really make a statement.  Red makes a statement!!!!! since i have red accents in my kitchen, dining room and living room, i am leaning towards that color.  If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear from you!  I will keep you all posted……Heidi


Black hutch in my dining room.

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Poor little unwanted chest that i found on the curb. What can I do with it~ I will keep you posted! April 29, 2012

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The Ring

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Here is the ring that I accidentally made on my dining room table.


Slowly but surely……

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Working slowly and checking frequently,  I am beginning to make progress!


A Beautiful Sunday Morning

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It is a beautiful Sunday morning here. I was “inspired” to do some cleaning…I guess it is a Spring thing! I decided to wash and iron my dining room table cloth. Unfortunately, and to my absolute HORROR, there it was!!!!! Staring at me like a large white orb!!!!! It was a large white orb!!!!

Somehow I must have placed a coffee cup on my table without a coaster leaving an extremely noticeable white ring! Immediately my mind began to spin! Do I have to sand and restain my table top? Should I paint it? Should I camouflage it with new placemats?

In a panic i decided to google “how to remove white rings from a table top” and miraculously a myriad of tips popped up. I decided to try the least invasive methods first. No luck. The moment I had been dreading was now upon me….using my iron!!!!!

Now don’t get me wrong, I do use my iron on occasion. But those who know me can vouch that I am a teensy bit on the accident prone side. I have literally “been burned” on several occasions using my iron!!! However, now i had no choice. Well I did, but I did not like the idea of having to stare at that white ring every time i passed my dining room.

With much trepidation, I got my iron, a cotton tee shirt, crossed my fingers and said a prayer.

Unbelievably, and quite miraculously it worked!!!!!! And i came away unscathed!!!!!

It was really quite easy to do. Most important….there must be absolutely NO WATER in your iron!!!!!! Set your iron to cotton. Place your cotton cloth or tee shirt over the ring. Place your hot iron over the ring and keep it moving slowly. Now this does not work immediately. Keep checking your progress and do not give up. It may take a few minutes, but I swear to you it works!!!!

Check out these pictures and decide for yourself!!!!!!


No More Ring

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Here is the after shot!!!!! TA DA!!!!!!! This was truly amazing!